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Dress Code For Success

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by Myrin New

Dress code for success is not it true that you want to impress your client, but  for you and your business professionalism.

We have listed some dress codes for success in a few selected and popular industries below.

Dress code: Office work
If you work in a legal business, banking or consulting, which is to select the best classical and rigid clothes, two matches with trousers or skirts that came in neutral colors like black, gray, green or read the various military of chocolate.

Dress code: Media industry
Are you working in advertising, journalism in a newspaper, radio or TV? So you may want to have the privilege as a phenomenon may be less hard, and at the same time, wear comfortable clothes. With all this said, it is still important to remember that you must wear decent, with the adjusted terms of your business. What is called “casual – elegant style is the best solution in your case. You can wear jeans here, a shirt or coat them along a little formal and color that is not too bright.

Dress Code: Service industry
If you work in a hospital, restaurant or beauty salon, you need three photographs of people, where you can answer each time. Classic Deux-cut is not possible because you’re not here for you after the overthrow of talk. But if you use it as happy with the vote or pale red color, may be imposed even in this case. You can also use sweaters, shirts and blouses with a roguish image, or design them.


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