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By Myrin New

The first thing that you have to do is know yourself.

If you do not know yourself then you will not be able to present yourself to others. It does not matter at all what kind of job or position that you are applying for, what is important is that you know yourself and that you are confidant with yourself.

Imagine for a moment that you are in the army and engaged in battle with the enemy.

Your very life is on the line and you depend upon your officers to lead you to victory and in safety. When you think about that officer in charge you want him/her to be confidant, intelligent, wise, and discerning. Those are the qualities that you expect from a leader and you will follow his/her commands without fail. If on the other hand your officers were nervous, indecisive, and unsure of themselves, would you not feel cautious and uncomfortable? Of course you would.

The same is true when you interview.

The people that are interviewing you are like the solder in the field and they are depending on you. You need to convey a spirit of success and confidence when interviewing. If you do this you will have the job.

The interviewers assume that you are qualified at the task you are interviewing for.

What they are not sure of is your personal manner and ability to get along with others, particularly the staff that you would be working with. Do not worry about impressing them with what you know. Rather, impress them with sound character and integrity. That will get you the job!

When you approach the building where you are to interview be sure to look calm and confident, you never know who is watching and from where.



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